AHOU Reading List

The AHOU is developing a list of books suggested by underwriters for underwriters to read.  If you have suggestions for books to be added to the list, please email Justin Mills with your recommendations.  Please include the book title, author, reason for your recommendation, and author's website, if applicable. 


 Book title     Author     Where to Purchase
How Doctors Think Jerome Groopman, M.D. Amazon.com
Again, Does it Make Sense? Ross Morton Ross Morton.com
Underwriting - What Every Producer Must Know Hank George HGI Press
Getting It Issued Hank George HGI Press
Rapid Interpretation of EKGs Dale Dubin, M.D. Amazon.com
Brackenridge's Medical Selection of Life Risks R.D.C. Brackenridge Amazon.com

Reinsurance - 4th Edition

Euromoney Institutional Investor Amazon.com
Genetics and Life Insurance Mark A. Rothstein Amazon.com    

Questions and Answers on Life Insurance

Anthony Steuer Amazon.com
Bargaining for Advantage - Negotiation Strategies for  Reasonable People G. Richard Shell Amazon.com


Book Title 


Where to Purchase 

Bet Your Life (Mystery)

Richard Dooling


Death Benefits (Mystery)

Thomas Perry


The Mullendore Muder Case (Mystery)

Jonathan Kwitney


Preferred Risk (Sci-Fi)

Frederik Pohl & Lester Del Ray



. . . And don't forget that AHOU provides a link where you can read all of the ALU textbooks online!