The AHOU and Other Underwriting Organizations


The AHOU believes that a healthy, thriving, cooperative network of underwriting associations is good for the underwriting profession and promotes future opportunities for all associations. The AHOU celebrates the diversity and independence of all professional underwriting  associations while recognizing that each association's primary responsibility is to its own members. In an effort to provide more value to its membership and the profession,  AHOU  will focus its collaborative efforts with these organizations in areas that respect the independence of all associations, honor the AHOU's responsibility to its own members,  and appear to be mutually beneficial to all parties.    


Some of these ongoing efforts will include:


1.  Maintain a website section  that will permit  international, regional, state and local underwriting associations and conferences  to have a presence on the AHOU website should they choose to do so.    It is the responsibility of these other organizations  to build and maintain their own websites or  avail themselves of the AHOU's  website tools in order to promote their presence on the site.   The AHOU also considers it the responsibility of these other associations to inform it of changes in its leadership and other important information.  

2.  Explore,  and when appropriate establish and maintain,  social media venues and/or other vehicles to facilitate an ongoing exchange of ideas  between the officers of the various organizations during the year.

3.  Facilitate a discussion group during  the annual Conference dedicated to the concerns of these associations and the mutual concerns of them and the AHOU. 

4.  Promote membership and participation  in underwriting associations at all levels -  local through international (including the AHOU). In addition to its own efforts, the AHOU will seek opportunities for cross-promotion of events,  membership and programs with these other organizations.  

5.  To the extent that it can do so without compromising privacy or confidentiality commitments, exchange useful information with these other underwriting organizations.   The AHOU may also periodically survey the officers of these other associations and seek opportunities to do joint surveys of their members.

6.  The AHOU will seek and consider other collaborative opportunities as appropriate with the guiding principle that the activities be either directly or indirectly beneficial for all parties. 


The AHOU will not attempt to manage, interfere in the internal affairs of, absorb or  fund other underwriting  organizations with the  following possible exceptions regarding funding:

1.   The AHOU may consider possible scholarship opportunities for  members or officers of these other associations.  

2.  The AHOU may consider participating financially in an activity (an event or membership or charity drive for example)  in a situation where there is a clearly-perceived benefit to both the AHOU and the other organization(s) in question.   Although the AHOU will not attempt to establish new state or local underwriting associations or revive defunct ones,  its officers may make themselves available as information resources and discussion facilitators for groups and  individuals attempting to establish a new association in a geographic area not currently served by one  as well as  for individuals attempting to revive distressed associations.