Robert (Bob) Weir, FALU, FLMI, CLU

Robert (Bob) Weir, FALU, FLMI, CLU, began his insurance career at Mercantile and General Reinsurance in 1978 at a time when there were black dial phones, no computers, and people smoked at their desks. A habitual exam writer, Bob first obtained his FLMI and CLU designations while working in admin, actuarial, and marketing capacities. Not satisfied, he determined that underwriting was the place he wanted to be - so, in 1985 he started training to be an underwriter. 

Bob earned his FALU in 1990 “with distinction” as a result of his project paper: “Seizures, Epilepsy and Underwriting.” This paper brought him to the attention of a certain Editor in Chief at On The Risk, which he joined as a Contributing Editor for three years. After that, he joined the Academy of Life Underwriting, where he served on the Curriculum Committee (three years of which as Coordinator). Later, Bob would return for three years on the ALU Board. Incidentally, that project paper also brought him to the attention of the Epilepsy Association of Metro Toronto, where he served on the Board and was President. Bob also served on the Executive of the Canadian Institute of Underwriters, where he was Chair in 2003. Over the years, Bob has served on a number of program committees; and has particularly enjoyed presenting on different topics relevant to the underwriting community as a regular presenter at national and regional underwriting meetings over the course of his career.

Bob has experience working for direct writing and reinsurance companies in various capacities, including underwriting, management, and research development. He was Chief Underwriter for Manulife Financial US Division; Managing Senior Underwriting Director for John Hancock; and Chief Underwriter for Canada Life Reinsurance, where he was also the driving force in developing the CLEAR underwriting manual. He is currently AVP Underwriting Research with Canada Life Reinsurance.

Bob has a B.A. in history from the University of Toronto, and did graduate work in ethnomusicology at the University of Washington. An accomplished musician, Bob plays upright and electric bass and can be heard performing at various venues around Toronto.


Douglas (Doug) Ingle, FALU, FLMI 

Douglas (Doug) Ingle, FALU, FLMI, with honors, graduated from Hamline University cum laude with a BA in music theory. In 1975 he embarked on his underwriting career. Rising through the ranks at IDS and Allstate, he became Vice President and Chief Reinsurance Underwriter at AUL Re. Subsequently, his role focused on research - joining ING-Re as Vice President of Underwriting and Mortality Research, then Northwestern Mutual, and finally Vice President of Underwriting Research at Hannover Re.

His interest in understanding how things work really manifested itself when preferred risk underwriting was introduced. Given the responsibility of quantifying preferred mortality discounts, he spawned an interest in unmasking the inner workings of the Framingham Study to apply those techniques to underwriting and pricing. The point system Framingham published that predicted risk for coronary heart disease mirrored underwriting debits and credits - with a twist. Framingham’s point system was derived from regression equations that separate out the independent value of its risk factors, which really means not double-counting debits or credits. The article’s tables of regression coefficients from the Cox multiple variable regression equations were initially bewildering. Once the equations were mastered and statistical programming such as SAS was conquered, he co-founded a preferred risk pricing program and authored the ALU chapter on Preferred Risk Underwriting.

Framingham researchers were predicting heart disease. Doug used these concepts to predict mortality. His paper published in On the Risk in 2002 described how to apply these multivariate mathematical techniques to underwriting. His article predated the industry’s predictive analytics movement, whose goal is also to predict mortality, by almost two decades.

Doug learned how to translate medical literature into underwriting guidelines passing Beginning and Advanced Life table Methodology. He published a paper in On the Risk intended to be a reference guide for underwriters and written to encourage underwriters to grasp these concepts as well.

He mastered how to convert mortality findings into actuarial present value dollars, then co-authored the ALU chapter on Cost Benefit Studies and articles in On the Risk on Cost Benefit calculations and the Protective Value of Blood.

After learning how to create a traditional actuarial mortality study, Doug unearthed the extraordinary similarity between Cox multivariate regression results and traditional actuarial studies, thus closing the gap between medical literature, underwriting, and actuarial sciences. He published his findings in an article in On the Risk in 2013.

Doug chaired both the Morbidity Mortality Liaison Committee and Underwriting Experience Studies Committee and served on the SOA’s Individual Life Experience Committee and Underwriting Criteria Team. He authored an ALU chapter on EKG Interpretation, has been published in Journal of Insurance Medicine, Contingencies, Best Review and spoken at numerous AHOU, AAIM, and SOA regional and national meetings on a variety of topics




   Jennifer Johnson, FALU, FLMI, CLU, ARA, FLHC

Jennifer Johnson, FALU, FLMI, CLU, ARA, FLHC is an Executive Director in the Underwriting Services Department at RGA Reinsurance Company. She specializes in the development and enhancement of RGA’s prescription drug database, electronic health records, automated underwriting rules initiatives, and Fraud Conference planning.

Jennifer has served eight years on the AHOU website committee, including five years on the AHOU Executive Council as Vice President of Technology; and has been a presenter at the AHOU’s Annual Conference.

Jennifer is the current Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU) President, having served on the ALU for many years, including positions on the ALU Board and the On the Risk editorial staff; and as an OTR Contributing Editor, MRAP Committee member, Curriculum Committee member, and Exam Writer.

ennifer is a Fellow of the Academy of Life Underwriting (FALU) and of the Life Management Institute (FLMI), a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), an Associate, Reinsurance Administration (ARA), and a Fellow, Life and Health Claims (FLHC).