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Bizstats.com offers a page with many easy to use financial ratio calculators. The website has other valuable tools to assist with your next challenging financial underwriting scenario too.

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The Association of Home Office Underwriters would like to thank our sponsors for the successful 2018 AHOU conference in Chicago, IL:






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Officer Sponsors

AHOU thanks the companies who generously sponsor our officers and committee members:

  • Sonya Ostling, Program Committee

  • Scott Corbett, Assistant VP Program Development
    Robyn Wallner, Program Committee

  • Susan Hennis, Program Committee

  • Brad Gabel, Program Committee

  • Jennifer Richards, Program Committee

  • Carolyn Goshorn, Executive Council, VP Publications & Secretary
    Dan Drabik, Website Committee
    Nichole Myers, Website Committee
    Mary Hanson, Program Committee

  • Joe Keown, Program Committee

  • R. Dale Hall, Program Committee

  • Thomas Del Popolo-Fore, Program Committee

  • Brendan Paradis, Website Committee

  • Amy Prestegaard, Executive Council, Vice President

  • Carmela Tedesco, Social Media Consultant

  • Tanya Thompson, Social Media Consultant

  • Sandra Nichols, Executive Council, VP Conference
    Kim Lancaster, Program Committee

  • Bob Morris, Program Committee

  • Pam Bergsten, Executive Council, VP Program Development
    Dawn Boitnott, Executive Council, VP Technology Development
    Michelle Spevak, Program Committee

  • Kim Anderson, Program Committee

  • Richard Odom, Executive Council, Assistant VP Technology Development

  • Steve Stanley, Program Committee

  • Jeannine DuPlessis, Program Committee

  • Bill Tilford, VP External Relations

    Bill Moore, Executive Council, VP Membership
    Kate Roark, Program Committee

  • Kyle Steadham, Program Committee

  • Tim Ranfranz, Executive Council, President
    Joel Weiner, Program Committee

  • Shawn James, Program Committee

  • Traci Davis, Executive Council, Past-President

  • Jessica Caracofe, Program Committee